What is the point of the AIDS Ride of 2010?

5As is obvious by the title, the Ride was organized in order to combat AIDS in one way or another. While many schools, colleges, NGOs and organizations get involved in raising awareness about AIDS, there is still a need to take that extra mile so that more and more people get just how serious this issue is. Though the number of lives taken by AIDS has decreased due to such measures, people continue to get infected with the disease knowingly or unknowingly due to their recklessness when it comes to sex (without contraception) or substance/drug abuse.

While this is truly sad to see, the good news is that due to research and the contributions of people around the world it is now possible for those affected by this disease to lead a normal, healthier and better life despite the fact that they have contracted HIV/AIDS and cannot choose to enjoy their lives they would want to with people who do not have this disease.

The point of the AIDS Ride if 2010 is similar: this event would help raise awareness while at the same time assuring AIDS patients that something is being done for their benefit. These guys really have nothing they can do for themselves due to the fact that they have been infected and the only thing they can do is hope that someone would be able to help them survive the disease. The AIDS Ride exists in order to help these guys so that they live a more normal life without having to fear that they wouldn’t be able to support themselves due to lack of finances or resources.

People who take part in AIDS Ride come from across the world- celebrities, activists, people who know someone who have been affected by AIDS, and people who have been able to fight the disease are all part of the Ride.

So what happens at the Rides? Elliptical machines and bicycles are used. People travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles on these vehicles and anyone can be part of it. The point is not to compete, nor to become famous. It is solely to raise funds for people who cannot support themselves- people who suffer from AIDS, to be more specific. Everyone is there only to help AIDS patients and nothing more. This within itself is a major and huge cause.





What is the AIDS Ride of 2010?

4As the title suggests, the AIDS Ride of 2010 was organized to raise awareness and be able to help people who suffer from AIDS or to raise funds for people who have families who do not have the funds and support required to help them. The AIDS Ride was originally something was founded by Dan Pallotto- for the purpose mentioned above. Pallotto had his own set up, Pallotto TeamWorks but his poor management skills and his inability to handle things effectively. Many were confused as to where exactly the money was going. The lack of transparency and the lack of supplies provided to AIDS patients discouraged people from becoming part of this. However, the Los Angeles Gay And Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation decided to take matters into their hands as more and more people expressed their concerns in regards to Pallotto’s management style and skill.

The AIDS Ride takes place on a yearly basis. 2010 saw a large number of supporters who were willing to cycle all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The title may make it seem life only a specific category of people take part in the Ride though this is not the case.

The only stipulation attached to the people who can join in on the ride is that they must be between 18 and 80 years old. The point was/is to raise money and funds for AIDS patients. 2150 participants were involved in the Ride in 2010 and it was stated that $ 150,000 were raised for the AIDS patients. Riders get to meet new people and all sorts of people from all kinds of backgrounds are welcome to become part of the Ride. Celebrities, activists and just about anyone willing to contribute to the cause can become part of the campaign.

What should one not expect when it comes to the ride?

If you’re expecting this to be some sort of competition, you need to be aware of the fact that the point of this whole event is not to compete. The point is to raise funds for AIDS patients by showing a unified support. This is a way of comforting AIDS patients and telling them, “Hey, we’re here for you and are doing whatever we can to help you!” really. Do not expect this to be some sort of ego boost or way of becoming famous.




How did the AIDS Ride begin?

3In the world of today, unfortunately, the Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome has become so wide-spread and prevalent that it has become something of an epidemic (if not worse). Many people have become victims of AIDS over the years. While in some cases this is due to sexual contact without the use of contraception, in others it is due to the use of syringes and drug abuse via the use of intravenous methods which is one of the commonest ways via which the disease is transmitted from one person to the next and the chain then, continues.

It is also widely known that there is no way of stopping the disease from spreading. Though celebrities, doctors, millionaires, billionaires and everyone else contribute, on a daily basis, in their own way(s), there is still no cure to this disease. There have been some successful cases in which children and adults have been cured at preliminary stages but these have been rare.

The AIDS Ride was organized by the Pallotta Teamworks which was founded Dan Pallotta- a humanitarian activist, an author and an entrepreneur. Pallotta has managed to help people suffering from AIDS in different ways- via raising funds for AIDS patients, organizing research teams and encouraging people to become part of the AIDS Ride. The AIDS Ride has helped AIDS patients in many ways. It is because of the efforts of Dan Pallotta’s set up that research is carried out, heavily, on a daily basis so that AIDS patients’ lives can be prolonged at the very least.

The people hired by Pallotta have been working in collaboration with numerous organizations, doctors and hospitals to find ways to eradicate the disease or to stop the disease from spreading any further. Sadly, the disease is still prevalent due to the number of people who do not use the tools given to them to prevent the disease. The AIDS Ride helps raise awareness about this disease.

A large amount of money is raised and many people from the LGBT community, celebrities and other famous figures of the sort take part in the Ride as well. This raises hope amongst people who are already suffering from the disease. In 2012 a total of $13 million was raised solely for patients suffering from HIV/AIDS and it was started by Mr. Pollatto in the year, 2010 and many people still continue to take part in the Ride.




AIDS Ride Controversies

2The AIDS Ride is an event organized by Dan Pallotta’s set up, named and founded by him, Pallotta Teamworks. This was organized in collaboration with San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. Both organizations have publically expressed their concerns for the way the funds are managed by Pallotta and have stated that he does not how to manage the funds.

These organizations strive to help AIDS patients and victims on a daily basis and the AIDS Ride is one way via which they are able to do this. The Ride is inclusive of 2500 riders who travel from San Francisco all the way to Los Angeles and it starts around the end of May or beginning of June. A large number of people are known to be part of this event and these are inclusive of celebrities, people who have lost their loved ones to AIDS and people who are interested in raising funds and bringing about awareness regarding this horrible disease which is spreading fast throughout the world.

Many people decide to have unprotected sex to prove to their loved ones that they trust them. Then there are those who abuse drugs and share syringes so that they can “share” drugs. This is known as substance abuse. These are the most common ways via which the disease spreads nowadays. Though there is no way to stop the disease, it can be prevented via the use of contraception, blood tests and educating people about the need to go for frequent drug tests and to opt for “safe” sex.

Despite the fact that the organizer of the AIDS Ride has helped people deal with AIDS by raising funds for them via this event, there have been certain allegations against him. One rider, Mark Cloutier, in 2002, from Berkley sued Pallotto stating that the AIDS Vaccines that they were promised hadn’t been supplied to people suffering from the disease.

He said, “The promise of the AIDS Vaccine Ride was that it would help raise much-needed funds for research and development of a vaccine for HIV/AIDS. I was greatly disappointed and so were many other well-intentioned riders who were misled”.

Another woman stated that the ride was non-meritorious. Many other people have raised their concerns regarding the way their funds are used by the organization. Some people presume that the organizers use the funds for their own, personal, gain.




AIDS Ride 2010

1The AIDS Ride was something that was begun by Dan Pallotto. This was organized with the help of other companies working for the same purpose: San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. Both companies work in order to create awareness about AIDS and the need to protect oneself from this disease. Despite the struggle of many companies to raise awareness about AIDS, a large number of people get AIDS on a daily basis- some get it due to unprotected sex while others contract it due to drug and substance abuse as well.

The 2010 AIDS Ride was organized for this purpose. Earlier the three companies named above would work in collaboration though when it was discovered that Pallotto has management issues, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center decided to go it alone. In 2010 a large amount of money was raised by the riders for AIDS patient. The Ride has been made in order to help AIDS patient so that they can be cured of AIDS or in order to prolong their lives at the very least.

Just because the companies organizing the company are in favor of the LGBT community, that does not mean that the number of people who come here is limited in any way. Different kinds of people join the AIDS ride in order to help create and raise awareness regarding the issue. Some of these are actors, actresses, activists and humanitarian activists who wish to see AIDS become a thing of the past. Then, there are those who know someone who has/had someone who was/is affected with AIDS in their families or amongst their friends and would like to contribute to the eradication of this disease in some way or the other.

Many people have to live with the fear of dying due to their decision of having sex without contraception or because of their tendency to abuse drugs. In totality the AIDS Ride is a way of telling them, “Don’t worry, we are here for you; we want to help you and are willing to go to any length (financially, emotionally and of course, physically) to ensure that you get cured or that your lives are prolonged at the very least”.

Though the disease has not been eradicated yet, it is good to see the number of people willing to help the AIDS patients in the AIDS Rides.